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Biographies & Memoirs

Biographies & Memoirs

Whether it's the final journey of a spiritual mentor or the art of innovation from a young computer genius, the courage to survive insurmountable odds, or the private and personal autobiography of a public personality, you'll find these stories and much more in our Biographies and Memoirs section. When you shop biographies and memoirs with you read more and spend less.
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Jon Krakauer

Jon Krakauer (b. April 12th, 1954 in Brookine, Massachusetts) is an American non-fiction author who has written numerous bestselling books about the wilderness and mountain-climbing. His book Into the Wild, which chronicles the travels of American adventurer Christopher McCandless, spent two years on the New York Time's bestsellers list. His second book, Into Thin Air, is an account of Krakauer's experiences on Mount Everest in 1996 during a brutal storm. In addition to his books, Krakauer has contributed to several magazines, including National Geographic, Outside, and Rolling Stone.

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Biographies, memoirs, diaries, and autobiographies have been part of our literature for hundreds of years. They tell us about the life and achievements of the protagonist. Today, avid readers eager to succeed in their careers often search for the best biographies for inspiration, education, hope, and motivation.

There're many biography websites with some of the best-selling biographies, but you'll have to dig deeper into your wallet to afford them.

We invest in used and new books and process them so that we offer you a large inventory of memoirs and biographies with great depth and breadth. You'll also have the chance to purchase your preferred biography or memoir at a fraction of the price you'd find on any competitors' websites. There's more! We also have our ReadingRewards loyalty program that incentivizes our customers for every purchase.

Why Read Biographies and Memoirs?

We read biographies to learn something positive from the lives of other people. Usually, we read them like novels because of the narrative capacity they have. Besides that, biographies also tend to inquire and cover facts from the protagonist's past life, thus teaching us many history lessons. Here are some ways we learn from memoirs.

  1. Inspiration – Reading the life story of successful and remarkable individuals motivates and inspires others to replicate the same success. When people read about the protagonist's challenges to become successful, they can relate to their reality. Some of the best selling memoirs of all time evoke an emotional and affective response among readers that supersedes curriculum goals.
  2. Life Lessons – Although students acquire practical skills from school to excel in their careers, there're some critical life skills that one can't learn in school. But reading some of the life stories and successes of other outstanding people, they learn different skills, such as:
    • Perseverance can help you achieve your goals
    • Listening to others is critical for learning
    • Developing the love for learning
    • The value of independence

The Benefits of Shopping with ThriftBooks

We've listed some of the advantages you can enjoy while you shop with us.

Buy (and Read) Many Books

At ThriftBooks, we find, buy, and process some of the best biography books. Our continuous efforts have enabled us to stock our shelves with a large inventory comprising popular biography titles.

Save Money on Books

We not only provide readers with the best memoirs to read, but we also sell used biography books at a fraction of the price you'd buy them from other online stores, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble. In short, you can purchase several memoirs and biography books at the cost of a single book in a conventional bookstore. How about that for a book galore?

ReadingRewards Loyalty Program

ThriftBooks rewards avid readers by entering them in the ReadingRewards loyalty program that offers you the chance to accumulate redeemable points in your ReadingRewards account. The upside to that is that you will earn points with every purchase, can earn extra points during book promotions, and points can be redeemed for FREE BOOK credits.

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